8+ Honest Signs They are Your True Soulmate
Finding a soulmate is the top priority for most people, and personally, I think you have a lot of chances to do it. Your soulmate doesn"t necessarily need to be just one person. There"s a reincarnation based belief that not most people know about. That belief is that when you die, your soul breaks and shatters into pieces. These pieces are randomly bought together with pieces of other souls to form a new soul which forms a new person. So when you find someone you can strongly click with, or find a person who you feel is clearly your soulmate, you"re actually just finding pieces of your soul within them, and they probably find pieces of their soul within you. 1. You Just Connect Without Trying You probably met through a mutual friend or ran into each other at a park or even just making eyes at each other at the bar. Whatever the story behind, when you said hello for the first time, there was electricity- a deep and intense connection was made through body language and conversation. For