7 Things You Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Actually An Overthinker
Being an over thinker can be a blessing and a curse. It certainly help helps when it comes to problem solving, but sometimes you can find yourself thinking about things that are probably better off forgotten. This can blow even little worries out of proportion until all you can think about is the offhand comment a friend made and what it means, even if they didn"t mean anything by it at all. But it’s not all bad. Here are 8 signs you might be an over thinker, even if you don’t think so. 1) You find meaning in everything Someone you like takes 6 hours to reply and you can’t stop wondering why. Somebody makes eye contact with you at the subway and you spend 5 minutes analyzing it. You criticized someone at work, but now you can’t stop thinking if it really was the best approach to take. What does all this mean? You’re an over thinker and you want to find meaning in everything. It’s a little hard for you to just let things be. There’s always reason for something, right? 2) You think more