21 Signs You’re Actually An Ambivert
It seems everyone is talking about how they"re an introvert. Or how they"re an extrovert. But what if you don"t feel like you fit cleanly in either socialization category? It could be that you don"t fit cleanly in either box because you don"t belong in either category. It could be that you aren"t an introvert—nor are you an extrovert. Instead, you might be an ambivert. Here are 21 signs you might be not an introvert or extrovert, but rather, an ambivert. You avoid conversations with strangers This isn"t the same as simply not going out (hi, introverts!)—because you do. You just don"t always feel like starting a conversation with anyone while you"re out. You don"t mind meeting new people—just not alone Unlike introverts, you don"t mind new people in your life. Unlike extroverts, you"d prefer not to meet them alone. Instead, you do best when meeting new people when with other pre-existing friends. You love talking about the things you"re passionate about You just don"t