John Joubert String Quartets 1, 2 & 3 | CD | Download | SOMM Recordings
It was exactly five years ago, in celebration of Joubert's 80th birthday, that SOMM brought out a well-filled double-CD set of music by John Joubert which included a world premiere of his Second String Quartet with the Brodsky Quartet. The reviews were enthusiastic. Michael Kennedy wrote warmly in the Sunday Telegraph: "It is good to see a record company celebrating the 80th birthday of John Joubert with such excellent performances. The Brodskys' playing of the second string quartet is full of vitality and musical insights into a profound work." echoed by BBC Music Magazine with… "Pride of place goes to Joubert's 1977 Second Quartet, an impressive piece played with great conviction by the Brodsky Quartet." With Joubert's 85th birthday in mind the Brodsky Quartet enthusiastically agreed to record for SOMM the premieres of the first and third quartets, thus making this a double celebration. They too, celebrate this year the 40th anniversary since the founding of the Quartet which has