Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage Byron Bay - Somatic Therapies
90 minute session Zenthai Massage is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic, fully clothed massage. Performed on a comfortable mat on the floor, it is both a very safe and nurturing form of massage as well as a dynamic healing modality. And a great workout for your body while you get to just relax and lie around. Sensitive application of the Thai massage component can result in both a strong workout (like yoga) while enabling subtle myofascial release in the body fascia, which beyond releasing physical tension also helps calm and nurture the central nervous system. Many client find their body releasing naturally, sometimes letting-go life-long held tensions in the body-mind. The work is also uses Traditional Chinese Medicine principles to nourish the body energetically as well as physically, tailoring each treatment to your present moment needs Longer or shorter sessions by appointment