Welcome to Snapshots and Adventures - Snapshots & Adventures
Hello! Some of you might recognise me already, but for those that don’t. My name is Ky and I previously blogged at I recently decided to switch things up a bit and so this is my new blogging space. Yay! Welcome to Snapshots and Adventures. My previous blog was based around my little girl but this new one will be more about me. My likes, dislikes, home, lifestyle and my love of photography. It’s also given me a chance to learn all about going self hosted and setting up a blog from scratch. I will be doing a post soon about how I did it, and I have to say it was pretty easy. The hardest part was actually deciding on a new name! You can find me at all the usual places, including twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram and Facebook. I can’t wait to share this new journey with everyone. I hope you will join me on it too.