Non Profit Package | Photo Booth Rentals in Las Vegas, Smash Booth
Do you need a photo booth for your non profit fundraiser event? Smash Booth has the perfect package for you! I know many charity events and non profits want a photo booth donated, and while we're not able to offer a free booth, we can offer what we feel is a better option. One that potentially puts money in the pocket of your non profit! We've designed a package specifically around providing exposure for your sponsors. This gives you the opportunity to offer something truly unique and lasting to your sponsors. The best part is you can charge your sponsors whatever you like for this exposure! So, what can you offer them? Their name or logo on every photo strip from your event. Your guests are going to hang on tho these photo strip (and their logo) for years to come! Their name or logo added to our photo strip slide show. Sponsor logos or ads will be mixed in with photos taken in the photo booth during the event. Social Buzz! Every time a guest shares their photo to Facebook or