Implementing a Successful Flexible Working Scheme in Your Workplace - Small Online Business Opportunity
In this day and age, and with the technology that we have around us, it makes being able to work flexibly easier than ever before. And regardless of your personal circumstances, flexible working can work for everyone and can even help with productivity too. But if you as an employer aren't implementing flexible working in the right way, then it really can hinder what you're able to do, and could leave you with some frustrated employees. So in order to implement something in the right way, here are some tips for businesses that want to introduce flexible working, but want to make sure that there is no loss of productivity or massive spend to get there. image Make a Plan For some people in the office or departments in a business, flexible working can be really tricky for them. Some client-facing roles will need to still be doing that, rather than using technology like Skype for meetings. Even people like the IT department may need to always be on-site in case of an emergency. So