"Will using an attorney to negotiate make things worse?" | Sklover Working Wisdom
Question: Hello, Alan. I want you to know I find your website extremely helpful. I find myself with a question for you. A few months ago, my boss lied about a project he screwed up. Our department head needs to file a legal document to correct the situation. It is a "sworn statement," meaning that if anyone lied in it they could be committing the crime of perjury. In the investigation, I told the truth, which put my boss in a tough situation. Ever since, our relationship has changed. First I received my first-ever bad Performance Review; then I was put on a Performance Improvement Plan ("PIP"). Now I am being told I can either resign or I may be fired "any minute." I know I am being retaliated against, unfairly. I have read your articles, and I am thinking about trying to negotiate a severance package, but I am not sure if I should do it myself, or get an attorney involved. If I negotiate myself, I am not sure how well I could handle it, since