"What recourse do we have after our employer has reduced salaries 10% across the board?" | Sklover Working Wisdom
Question: My wife's employer cut all salaries by 10% across the board in early 2009. Making things worse, salaried workers used to work 40 - 50 hours a week; many are now working 60 - 70 hours, six or seven days a week. The company has told everyone that they will "make up" the 10% reduction when they become "healthy," but we all have our doubts they ever will. Also, the company has paid my wife - on a sporadic basis - overtime for hours she has worked over 50 hours in a week. First question: How long should we let the "short pay" continue? Second question: What recourse do we have on ever getting the 10% "short pay" being held back? Third question: If there comes a time that the company does become "healthy," can they count the overtime paid to my wife as a credit against the "short pay?" This has happened to many employees in the automotive supply manufacturing industry. Andy Fostoria, Ohio Answer: To answer your questions, I need to first lay a kind of "foundation": How much