Sklover's Thought for the Work Week | Sklover Working Wisdom
"Be a voice, not an echo." - Albert Einstein We all have our own unique experiences, our own unique perspectives, our own unique special "gifts" to share with others. Together, they comprise our own unique voices. The toughest part is listening to it ever so intently, and discovering what that "voice" is, and what it sings. While we are tempted – even encouraged by some – to "echo" the voices of others, your own special gift is your own unique voice. Pursue it, explore it, cherish it, share it. And never lose sight of its unique, extraordinary sweetness. At work and elsewhere, that is what you will be known for: the sweetness of your inner voice. This quote was offered to us by Gil and Laura, of Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Thanks, Gil and Laura! If you would like to contribute a saying, proverb or quote, we'd love to receive it and share it with our Blog Family. To do so, just send it to "The Boss," Need a model memo or letter to transmit a request or complaint? A