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"No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn." - Unknown Author This time of year – especially in colder zones – we all start to get a bit buggy, impatient waiting any longer for the coming of the spring, bearing its special gifts of warmth, birdsongs and wild flowers. Have faith that this year, like every year before it, spring and its glories are eagerly on their way. At work, consider the spring's arrival as a metaphor for "better days ahead." No matter how cold, unwelcoming or chilling your job may seem, nothing lasts forever. Inevitably, it will get better; it always does. This quote was sent to us by Lemuel C. of Indianola, Mississippi, who reports that springtime in his hometown is now just "two miles away, and headed to the Post Office." Much obliged to you Lemuel. If you would like to contribute a saying, proverb or quote, we'd love to receive it and share it with our Blog Family. To do so, just send it to "The Boss," Need a model memo or letter