Sklover's Thought for the Work Week | Sklover Working Wisdom
"The time has come to worship with our lives as with our lips, in the streets as in the sanctuaries." - Maurice Davis I have a growing sense that, at work and elsewhere, we are at something of a crossroads, a kind of "new day," and an increasingly new sense of what is right, and what is wrong. Like the calm before the storm, we all sort of sense it, sort of know it, and can feel it. The internet, the @MeToo movement, and similar slow-moving "earthquakes" are announcing it. Perhaps social media has, like never before, made mistruths so obvious, and maltreatment so instantly felt. These approaching crossroads, these "new days," this new ethos, are often presaged by rising doubts and increased anxieties, making it more important than ever that we each recall that the darkest hours precede the dawn, and that positive values are your best compass in a storm. This quote was shared with us by Stu S. one of my very oldest and dearest friends. As I have said 100 times in recent years, "Thanks,