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"You almost never hear of anyone dying past that age." - George Burns (1896-1996, at 100) ACTUAL CASE HISTORY: Maurice, 64, had been the Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for a large pharmaceutical firm for 17 years. During that time he had overseen the purchase of nine smaller drug firms, and their incorporation into his company's operational, financial and management structure. After mergers take place, downsizings are a common occurrence. In this last merger, it was Maurice's "turn" to be downsized, but he really didn't mind one bit. He was ready to retire, his wife couldn't wait to travel, and he had been presented with a very substantial severance package, in fact the equivalent to almost five years of his overall compensation. All together, the package was worth over $1 million. He came to us to have his severance agreement reviewed, just to make sure there were no hidden "traps."After Maurice reviewed his severance agreement with me and one of my former partners we explained