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Question: I represented in Colombia one of the largest consulting engineering companies in the USA for 28 years through a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU"). One-and-a-half years ago they sent one of their Vice Presidents down here, who kept using me for more than 10 months gathering information on the country and helping him to establish a local office. He hid from me that he was doing this. Afterward, this same man told me (not in writing) that the company decided to end the MOU. In short, three months ago they got a US$13 million contract, and terminated my services. Do I deserve to be compensated for what I did for them to establish their office down here, and for later on getting that large contract? I really did much more for them than was my job. Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards. Jaime Medellin, Colombia Answer: Dear Jaime, Your question is a very good one, both because many people ask that question, and because it gives me a chance to