"Probation period in offer letter was extended; can they do that?" | Sklover Working Wisdom
Question: I was given an offer letter for employment that contained a six-month probationary period. On this basis, I moved to a different state to take the job. Ten months later, and four months after my probationary period was over, it was agreed that I had done all of my work in satisfactory fashion, and had met every deadline. Then, I was notified that my offer letter was mistaken, and that it should have had a twelve-month probationary period, instead of a six-month one. Though the manager apologized to me, he also told me that I was being terminated. Do I have a case for breach of contract? Elaine Vancouver, Washington Answer: Dear Elaine: Your question reminds me very much of the questions law school graduates are faced with on the bar exam. Though I cannot read the exact words of your "offer letter," I will try to give you my best answer based on the limited facts you've provided. 1. As a general rule, an "offer letter" is a contract, and a