"Nine Paths to Locating Internships" | Sklover Working Wisdom
Question: I have recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management in India, and am currently looking for an internship in management consulting. I view management consulting to be a career of great promise, because as a management consultant there is a very challenging work culture and a potential strong compensation. However, I am clueless regarding how to start getting internships. Sending my resume to the Big Five consulting firms does not seem fruitful, although I have not tried that yet. Any help you can offer? Loden New Delhi, India Answer: Dear Loden: Your quest for "a toe in the door," which is what I call internships, is perhaps the most common quest among soon-to-be or recent college graduates. Like so many (mostly) young folks without any experience, the question is "How do I get some?" Here are a few suggestions: 1. Visit Your University's "Career Services