"My former employer has literally destroyed me. What can I do?" | Sklover Working Wisdom
Question: I am a Plumbing Designer, a small segment of the building design community. After 11 months of my case against my former employer in the Virginia Employment Commission, a decision was made in my favor: my former employer can tell people that they terminated me, but they can't say they terminated me for misconduct. Problem is: for 11 months, that is what they told prospective employers and recruiters. At 61 years old, I just can't wait a few years for the "air to clear." I'm unemployed, my house is in foreclosure, and my meager savings and retirement are wiped out. My wife even sold her wedding ring to help. My spiritual convictions tell me that retribution is a "dead end." Yet, I feel this company, with deliberation, sought to destroy me . . . and they certainly have succeeded. There is no space here for substantiation of the facts, but I have to do something. Or is it "Just my tough luck." A word or two from your