"Job Offer On the Way? – Consider Asking for a Sign-On Bonus" | Sklover Working Wisdom
"If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try." - Seth Godin ACTUAL "CASE HISTORIES": Carrie was not at all pleased with her job. Though it sure seemed glamorous to be in charge of all wholesale sales in South America and Latin America for her employer, a luxury clothing company, she soon tired of the constant travel. And, too, her boss and Carrie no longer saw things eye-to-eye, as they once had. In fact, she had grown to dislike him immensely. She thought, why not seek something new? Though the job market was anything but robust, Carrie contacted some of her friends in the fashion industry, and put out the word that she was "available" for the right job. Through a recruiter she had met some time earlier, she learned of a position training and overseeing junior clothing salespersons. Though Carrie did not think of herself as the "teacher-type," she did agree to an interview, and over her interviews, grew more and more interested in leaving pure sales and moving into the "human