"I'm interviewing for a new job, and I'm three months pregnant. Do I have any obligation to tell my interviewers?" | Sklover Working Wisdom
Question: My field of work is investor relations. It's a very intense type of work, especially these days; to put it mildly, investors are not a happy bunch of people at the moment. I am in my fourth round of interviewing for a new position, one that gives me greater responsibilities, more visibility, higher compensation, and a larger platform for career growth. I'm also three months pregnant with our first child, and wondering when might be the right time to bring this up? Might I be guilty of some kind of "fraud" if I don't tell them before we reach final agreement? Felice Storrs, CT Answer: My view on this question is quite clear and firm: First, you have no obligation whatsoever - neither legal nor moral - to raise the subject at any time during interviews. It is entirely irrelevant to your qualifications for the job. Pregnancy is a subject that is as near to "forbidden" as subjects come in the context of interviews. Your pregnancy is entirely your (and your partner's) own business