Human Resources . . . Employee Relations . . . What's the Difference? | Sklover Working Wisdom
Question: Recently, a female colleague reported to my Department Head that she felt she was being harassed. I received an email from someone in "Employee Relations" asking that I meet with her to be interviewed as part of an investigation. What's the difference between Human Resources ("HR") and Employee Relations ("ER")? She said she is a lawyer, but that she does not represent my employer. Could that be? Jessica La Vergne, Tennessee Answer: Dear Jessica: Your question is a very common one. It is wise of you to ask this question because it is always prudent, before you speak with someone about something that may be important, that you try to understand who they are, what they seek, and what their interests may be in speaking with you. Here are my thoughts: 1. If you ask Human Resources or Employee Relations representatives, "What is Employee Relations?" they will likely tell you the truth . . . but, unfortunately, not the whole truth. The answer given to nearly all of my clients