"Going to Be a Change Agent? – Get a Clear and Strong Mandate First." | Sklover Working Wisdom
"Most pioneers end up with their face in the dust and an arrow in their back." - Unknown ACTUAL "CASE HISTORIES": About 15 years ago Emile came to us after a rather disturbing job loss and career stumble. He had been a tenured Professor of Linguistics at a major university and had received an offer that, for him, was almost too good to refuse. A major financial services firm in New York had approached him through an executive recruiter to spearhead a major initiative regarding linguistic, economics and artificial intelligence. Simply put, the firm's Senior Most Management thought it would be a great idea and a profitable one, as well, to rationalize the words that its many divisions and subsidiaries used on a daily basis. For example, if only the word "profit" meant the same thing to a bond trader in Tokyo as it did to a Credit Analyst in New York and to a derivatives salesman in London, too. Likewise for the words "earnings," "net income," "annual return" and "free cash flow." For a