Performance Improvement Plan ("PIP") – Can My New Boss Do That? | Sklover Working Wisdom
Question: Three months ago I was assigned to a new manager. He doesn't like me and last week I was put on a Performance Improvement Plan ("PIP"). Apparently it was the lack of communication that is in question. The first meeting that included HR was the first I knew of this, and in this meeting I was informed technically I am outstanding (I am an automotive engineer.) I am close to 58 and have never in my life received a poor performance review. My question is, is he in violation of putting me on a "PIP" as his time as my manager is so short? Gerard, Michigan Answer: There really is no "rule" that says a new manager can't place an employee on a Performance Improvement Plan. That being said, you may have a good point. You should raise your concern - how could he know your communication abilities in so short a time? More importantly, how is it that you haven't had this complaint before in probably 35 years of working? But I'm concerned . . . Whenever a client or blog reader tells me he