Outspoken Maple - St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters
Also known as *Pottsworth Maple Breakfast Brew*. Maple Flavoured Coffee. Dark Roast. A single origin, shade-grown coffee from Latin America. Please thank these farmers. The only flavoured coffees we offer are maple---natural maple flavouring is added to the coffee after roasting. On the label is the logo for Outspoken Brewing, a local microbrewery located in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Back when Outspoken Brewing was in the product development stage, the folks behind the business were experimenting with adding our Maple Magic coffee to a stout they were creating. They approached us to see if we could do a maple flavoured coffee in a darker roast for them, and their Pottsworth Maple Breakfast Stout was born. The stout may be seasonal, but the coffee is available all year round. Ingredients: organic fairtrade coffee, natural maple flavouring *Due to the popularity of this custom coffee it is now available on our website.