What can you buy for 12 euro in the Philippines? | Siquijor island - information
Let's have a look at money and spendings in the Philippines from different perspective today. Some time ago it was very common among tourists to share in the internet how much they can buy for rounded, and not too big amount of money, when visiting given country. I decided to "spend" 50 Polish zloty (PLN), which is equivalent of about 12 euro or 13 US dollars. We will "spend" money on the small island Siquijor and bigger city Dumaguete. Ok, here we go! How much is 12 Euro? Depending on the current exchange rate it is about 710-750 PHP. Is that a lot? For Poles rather not, for locals it is really significant amount of money. This is, for example, what waitress can earn in 3 days! Yes, you see correctly – waitress earns about 250 pesos per day plus tips. Accommodation 700 pesos allow you for accommodation for one night. Nothing extraordinary, but decent single or double room with bathroom, doesn't matter it will be small island or bigger city. You can easily find such room and