Salagdoong Beach | Siquijor island - information
Salagdoong Beach is one of these places people always visit when coming to Siquijor Island. Why? There are three main reasons. First of all Salagdoong Beach is widely recommended in any tourist guide, round-the-island trip offers, private blogs and many others. That results of large number of tourists as well as locals you can meet at this place most of the times you come. Weekends are usually far more crowded as that is public beach and popular destination for families living on the island. Second - Salagdoong Beach is not only beach but also resort you can stay overnight or few days in one of the cottage, hotel room or your own tent and enjoy the place and its surroundings. There is nice restaurant offering local and international cuisine, too. Third - at Salagdoong Beach you can experience one of the most exciting and thrilling attractions on the island - a cliff jumping to the crystal water. Let's start from the beginning though. Salagdoong Beach Resort is located near Maria