Angelina 156cm D-Cup TPE Sex Doll World Wide Shipping - Silicone Sex Doll City
Brand: OR Doll Angelina is currently the most beautiful sex dolls in the world today, her face structure and features show how realistic these human 3D replica's have advanced to a new lifelike level of cyborgs.Her body is made to perfection with curves and definition the 156cm D-Cup will fool any one that takes a glance at her for a real woman.With skin that looks and feels so real tpe is really an amazing product that gives almost an identical human feeling.Angelina has it all she is the complete package from beauty to unbelievably sexy and the beauty of it is anyone in the world can have her as we ship discreetly world wide.Customize her features through our custom options section and make her the girl that you have always dreamed of in your fantasy's that will easily came to life. Included with your sex doll: Semi-Permanent Make-up, wig, hair brush, vaginal irrigator,handling gloves, Blanket, random outfit. FREE OPTIONS including stand up feature and pubic hair, combined Value $140,Free Free lingerie. Free Doll Hanger.