business needs rich media pr talent
manship prssa class of 2010 Mark Ragan's PR Daily post by Arik Hanson highlights perfectly the growing demand for well rounded PR practitioners in the Twin Cities, a need that's extendable throughout the country. In it, Mr. Hanson cites employers scrambling for capable content providers or, as he phrases it, media producers. To me that translates into photojournalists, storytellers, videographers and to a lesser extent verbal audio specialists. Add to that list basic graphic design awareness. facebook's not enough to make me look When I visited LSU's Manship School of Communications (above) as a guest portfolio reviewer for the PRSSA Class of 2010, I was surprised that the current generation - fluent in texting, IM and facebook - was by and large incapable of producing a rich media story on their own. I was there to render an opinion based on off-the-shelf Word resumes featuring various interpretations of bold, italic, indented and colored text, handsomely rendered in that well known