Sobel Filter Test using HDMI port of Zybo Z7-10 | shiroku.Net
Environment Ubuntu 16.04 ZYBO Z7 10 Vivado 2017.4 Over all block design. After created IP by Vivado HLS, add "image filter" between "axis_subset_converter_in" and "axi_vdma_0". Result Reference [zip] Zybo Z7-10 HLS Video Processing Workshop Getting Started with the Vivado IP Integrator [Reference.Digilentinc] Zybo Z7 HDMI Demo [Reference.Digilentinc] FPGA-Based Edge Detection Using HLS - FPGAの部屋 Ubuntu 16.04 上のVivado HLS 2017.2 でOpenCV を使用したプロジェクトでエラー発生 Tokyo Expressway night drive 4K 首都高 2017 - YouTube