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Environment Host PC: Ubuntu 18.04 Device: PYNQ Z2 Why I bought PYNQ? I already bought a ZYBO-Z7-10 and learned how to make IP on a FPGA device. ZYBO is good device for learning FPGA but PYNQ is easier than it to do prototyping because we can use powerful python tool such as Jupyter Notebook. Setup 1. Get latest PYNQ image PYNQ - Python productivity for Zynq - Board Clean SD card $ sudo gparted Partition > Unmount Format > fat to 32 Apply all Create SD card using "Etcher". 2. Board Pin Setting PYNQ-Z2 Setup Guide — Python productivity for Zynq (Pynq) v1.0 3. Run Jupyter Notebook A. Connect directly to a computer (Static IP) Connect the board to your computer's Ethernet port Browse to . B. Connect to a Router/Network (DHCP) Connect the Ethernet port on your board to a router/switch Connect your computer to Ethernet or WiFi on the