Setup Pololu 3pi Robot | shiroku.Net
Taking "Introduction to Robotics" at UCSC Extension in this quarter. The teacher who is Thomas P Poliquin recommended me to buy "Pololu 3pi Robot". So ordered it on "". This post is my memo about setup a 3pi Robot. Environment Ubuntu 16.04 Pololu 3pi Robot (ATmega328P) Download program Now, latest version is "". Pololu Download Instructions $ cd ~/Downloads $ wget " $ unzip $ cd libpololu-avr Install $ sudo apt-get install gcc-avr avr-libc avrdude $ cd libpololu-avr/ $ sudo make install $ ls arduino installer.nsi libpololu_atmega328p.a pololu atmel_studio libpololu_atmega1284p.a libpololu_atmega48.a README.txt devices libpololu_atmega1284p_x2.a libpololu_atmega644p.a src examples libpololu_atmega168.a LICENSE.txt install.bat libpololu_atmega324p.a Makefile $ make show_prefix The Pololu AVR Library object files (.a) will be installed in /usr/lib/avr/lib The header