Install Qt Creator on Jetson TX2 | shiroku.Net
Environment Jetson TX2 Ubuntu 16.04 Install $ sudo apt-get install qt5-default qtcreator -y $ sudo apt-get install qt5-doc qt5-doc-html qtbase5-doc-html qtbase5-examples -y Setup Tools->Options->Build & Run->Compilers add gcc path: /usr/bin/gcc ABI: custom – arm – linux – generic – elf – 64 bit Tools->Options->Build & Run->Kit Add, and change the name "JetsonTX2". Run Reference Install Qt Creator on NVIDIA Jetson TX1 | JetsonHacks Recommended IDE for Jetson TX2? - NVIDIA Developer Forums sublimetext3 - How can install sublime text on aarch64 architecture? - Stack Overflow Using OpenCV 3 on Qt Creator 3.2 (Qt 5.3) » Rodrigo Berriel