Marshmello On Fire At Bill Graham
Marshamello Bill Graham Civic Auditorium January 13, 2018 All photos by Raymond Ahner. It didn't take long for the distinctive but secretive DJ Marshmello to fire up the crowd at Bill Graham Civic. There's no way to miss Marshmello with his distinctive marshmallow head gear with LED lighting, and the crowd follows his lead with their own costumes. The streets near Civic Center before the show were as entertaining as the How Weird Festival and Bay to Breakers, with people breaking out their bizarre best. Marshmello, the DJ/Producer who never shows his face, kept everyone dancing all night with groove-oriented beats with a heavy bass line. His signature sound, which started with a pop/trap hybrid, is helping to keep EDM alive at a time when most EDM seems to be stuck in a repeat loop. It was a big night at Bill Graham and it could have gone on until dawn if not for the curfew. Here's a slideshow with lots of photos of Marshmello by Raymond Ahner: