Album Review – Prophets of Rage
Prophets of Rage Prophets of Rage Sony Music Let's set the record straight: this is as close as we are going to get to a new Rage Against the Machine album. There is no way to get around comparing this self-titled release from the Prophets of Rage, a band that features 3 members of RATM, with that band's original output. This record is a solid piece of blistering rap-rock from some of the most well-regarded musicians and lyricists out there, though it does fall short of the classic material from RATM, Cypress Hill, and Public Enemy. Prophets of Rage are a supergroup consisting of Tom Morello (guitar), Brad Wilk (drums), Tim Commerford (bass), DJ Lord, with Chuck D and B Real handling rapping duties. Brendan O'Brien handled production on this record and as usual it sounds great, with the drums sounding particularly snappy and clear. While O'Brien has certainly given the Prophets of Rage a clear and crisp sound, one can't help but want a little more grit and distortion, as the whole