Album Review – Turn Out the Lights by Julien Baker
Turn Out the Lights Julien Baker Matador Records Music fans have been eagerly awaiting Julien Baker to release a new record ever since 2015's Sprained Ankle became an underground hit, with the singer winning a legion of fans with her confessional lyrics, powerful vocals, and songwriting acumen. Baker signed to stalwart independent label Matador Records and made her way to the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis to record her second album: Turn Out the Lights. While Sprained Ankle mainly relied on jagged pieces of electric and acoustic guitars to provide the foundation for Baker's impassioned vocals, Turn Out the Lights is a more piano-driven affair, with some added strings and woodwinds thrown into the mix thanks to Camille Faulkner and Cameron Boucher. While there are still plenty of winding guitar lines throughout the record, the piano takes a more dominant role, filling in the musical gaps. While Baker is no technical master, she has mastered the art of setting the mood, with each