Album Review: To Drink from the Night Itself by At The Gates
At The Gates To Drink From the Night Itself Century Media Records Four years after their stunning comeback record At War with Reality, At the Gates have returned with another stellar collection of melodic death metal, To Drink from the Night Itself. Recorded with super metal producer Russ Russell (whose has worked with Napalm Death and Dimmu Borgir), To Drink from the Night Itself is an incredible blend of piercing metal and dark, brooding neo-classic music, resulting in the year's best metal record. Russel gives the entire album an old school death metal feel, keeping the record from sounding bloated and overproduced. While this takes away a bit of the clarity many associate with At the Gates, it also harkens back to their earlier recordings from the early 90s, when the band was still developing their groundbreaking sound. The opening instrumental "Der Widerstand" sets the mood perfectly: with dark guitar work and soaring orchestration. Many listeners would not associate classical