Album Review – Skin & Earth By Lights
Skin & Earth Lights Buy Valerie Poxleitner, aka Lights, returns with her fourth full-length album, the sprawling concept album Skin & Earth. The record's song cycle is tied into a recently released six-issue set comic book series from Lights, which chronicles the heroine En and her journeys in a post-apocalyptic world. As with any great concept album, the music on here is accessible for everyone, not just those who have picked up a copy of the comic. Musically speaking, Lights continues her accessible blend of massive pop hooks, bubbling synths, smooth drum machine loops, and guitar into another strong outing. The twelve tracks on here (plus two intro pieces) are as dense and sophisticated as anything Lights has done before, ranging from epic synth-pop to downbeat blues-inflicted ballads. The opening track "Skydiving" reflects this approach perfectly, blending a slick drum machine beat to a strong set of vocal overdubs and hooks. Lights has perfected the big, bombastic chorus