Interview – Justin Katz of The Edwardian Ball
The Edwardian Ball is coming in January, as it does in San Francisco every year, for two nights of exhibitions, music and acrobatic performances, and the best people watching experience around. Justin Katz and his group Rosin Coven co-host the event with the Vau de Vire Society; SF Sonic had the opportunity to interview Katz about the ball, with its upcoming 18th annual event. SF SONIC: Most of our readers are probably familiar with the Ball, which has been going on for long enough to be regarded as a San Francisco institution. Can you tell us what's going to be new and different at this year's Edwardian Ball? Justin Katz: Every year it's a challenge to balance new and different while also bringing back things that people really love and enjoy. One of the areas this year we looked to renew things is in the programming. A lot of people have enjoyed participating for a lot of years in a consistent format. This year, we are looking at mixing up the performance roster. Also, we brought on