Tribute – Pam the Funkstress -We Are Caught Up In Your Flow
Pjay Castro co-wrote this article. All photos by Ashleigh Castro. Legendary Turntable Queen DJ Pam the Funkstress passed away Friday, December 22, 2017 due to organ failure. Pam the Funkstress was known for revolutionary work with Oakland hip hop collective The Coup and duo Conscious Daughters. Inventor of the Titty Scratch... Missy Elliot, hope you are reading. She's had people dancing from outside the club, watching through the window. Pam Warren's talent served fierce flavor from turntable to the kitchen table. Two years ago, she was working at her family restaurant, Piccadilly Catering, when she received a call. She had mixed her way into Prince's heart at a KBLX fundraiser and Prince asked her to DJ his after party! "I mean he hit some keys that just … it was a one man show. And then when he said, 'DJ, give me a scratch' and then I scratched and he looked up…me and him just had a connection," Warren recalls. She earned the entity name Purple Pam, though Prince respectfully