One Team, One Dream, One Bad Ass Musical Machine: The Hip Spanic Allstars
Gordon "Shorty" Ramos, a singer in the San Francisco based Latino band the Hip Spanic Allstars, says candidly, "I should be dead." Driving down the freeway on his Harley four years ago, Ramos got in a horrific motorcycle accident that landed him in the hospital in dire condition. When the doctors examined him they told him his arm probably wasn't going to make it. Miraculously he made a full recovery and regained the use of his arm. Today, Ramos is living out his musical dream singing for the Hip Spanic Allstars. He credits the success of his band, as well as his miraculous recovery, to a higher power above, "I have a guardian angel." The Hip Spanic Allstars have become an overnight success with a career that most would envy. Their latest album, Old School Revolution, reached #2 on the Billboard Latin charts. Their hit song "Party in the Mission" is featured on ESPN when the network cuts away to commercials in San Francisco Warriors' games. And last year they toured all around the