Not To Miss – Number 8
Not To Miss is a bi-monthly column dedicated to all things music related that might have fallen through the cracks. Kerri Chandler/DJ-Kicks/!K7 Affectionately referred to as the 'Stevie Wonder of house,' New Jersey native Kerri 'Kaoz' Chandler is the next substantial contributor to the ever-essential DJ-Kicks mix series, with a CD and vinyl release set for October 20, 2017. "Peace, love, and admiration" is well-known as Kerri's sign-off on messages to his fans, and this album is born of that spirit. His DJ-Kicks mix takes him out of the club and through a world of influences and inspirations. "It's like me taking you for a walk in New York," he says. "Like a music tour guide, we go through Brooklyn, Soho, Midtown, the Bronx and Uptown, and parts of New Jersey." There's everything from jazz to soul, downtempo house to hip hop, reggae to funk, and together they expose the very heart of Kerri's musical world. It's one that is warm and intimate and filled with the same feelings and