Not To Miss – Number 5
Not To Miss is a bi-monthly column dedicated to all things music related that might have fallen through the cracks. Natasha Agrama /Goodbye Porkpie Hat/World Galaxy Natasha Agrama, who will release her debut full-length album The Heart of Infinite Change in early September on World Galaxy, has brought the jazz standard "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" into the contemporary realm, with musical support by Thundercat, Ronald Bruner Jr,, and the late Austin Peralta. Her updated version of the Charles Mingus classic, using the lyrics that Joni Mitchell penned, morphs into a bittersweet history lesson delivered by the next grade of culture keepers. Her delicate and precise interpretation of the lyrics, coupled with the other worldly bass solo by Thundercat, make this rework of the standard a must "get." Agrama, stepdaughter to the legendary bass player Stanley Clarke, has become a standout in the LA musical community over the last few years. Her live shows were flavored for a time by Miles Mosley, who