Not To Miss 19
Not To Miss is a bi-monthly column dedicated to all things music related that might have fallen through the cracks. Two Syllables Volume Fifteen/First Word Records Widespread critical acclaim on releases from Yazmin Lacey, Kaidi Tatham, and Children of Zeus made underground and mainstream heads turn and acknowledge, similar to Brainfeeder in the states, First Word Records for providing a quality alternative to what urban music is perceived to be. This London imprint came into their own in 2018 by sticking to a "talent changes trends" ethos. Critics, DJs, and music lovers, of a larger number, caught up. Being named Label of the Year by the highly influential Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards this January, officially cemented that level up. Two Syllables Volume Fifteen, a free download of indelible First Word songs for 2018, is a proper recap to what the label did and is about to do going forward. With selections from Quiet Dawn, Eric Lau, and the special Aretha Franklin tinged "Gifted