Not To Miss 14
Not To Miss is a bi-monthly column dedicated to all things music related that might have fallen through the cracks. Kaidi Tatham/It's A World Before You (feat Dego)/First Word Records Kaidi Tatham is about to reset the clock on what broken beat, soul, and downtempo can do in 2018. Known for his landmark work with Bugz In The Attic and consistently backing up his reputation as a première DJ. His upcoming double vinyl release, It's A World Before You, establishes the breadth and depth of his jacket, and the high caliber of his electronic music. Tatham's discography, along with fellow producer Dego, should be mentioned as a vital part of the ongoing "UK Jazz Renaissance" that many writers, present company included, have spoken of for the past six months. The devastating archive of compositions, including contributions from 4hero and 2000 Black, made jazz accessible to the younger generation that is now exploring the genre with samplers, 808 drums machines, and freedom. Dego and Tatham