Valerie June Sparkles at The Fillmore
Valerie June The Fillmore Auditorium December 4, 2017 Photos by Jeff Spirer. Valerie June arrived on stage literally sparkling. A sequined skirt, metal-studded cowboy boots, glitter eye shadow, and a shiny hair clip. Her appearance matched her show in every way, as she regaled the audience with stories and played her unique music. The effervescent personality, the shiny appearance, and the mostly upbeat songs kept a packed Fillmore entranced the whole evening. A concert with Valerie June feels like a night sitting around the kitchen table with an old friend. June chats, tells stories, and moves in and out of songs transparently. Even when singing and playing one of her stringed instruments – guitars, banjo, banjo ukulele, and sometimes her fingers, which evoke spirits as she stands at the mic – June brings comfort to the audience. The centerpieces of any June show are "Raindance" and "Somebody to Love." The two songs share their deep American, southern even, roots. While "Raindance"