Theatre of Yugen Brings Life and Death to Seen/By Everyone
Seen By Everyone Theatre of Yugen Photos by Shannon Davis. How do we grieve the dead when their lives are frozen in time on social media? This is but one of the many issues of life and death explored in Seen/By Everyone, the latest play from San Francisco's Theatre of Yugen. This is truly theatre that cannot be seen anywhere else. As San Francisco continues to watch its art institutions and performance venues shutter their doors due to high costs and changing demographics, Theatre of Yugen has managed to hold on, offering one of the last chances to enjoy intimate, thought-provoking theatre in the city. The 90-minute play takes place inside of a bar, which serves as stand in for the Facebook wall or other unnamed social media account of Maggie, who has recently passed away. Friends and family 'gather' to mourn her loss and share fond memories. Maggie, dressed in ghostly white and played to perfection by Adrian Deane, is able to hear their mourning and is at times elated and angry to