Morcheeba Night to Social Hall SF
Morcheeba Social Hall SF September 2, 2016 All photos by Jeff Spirer. Right from the beginning, with Ross Godfrey's bell-like guitar twang and Skye Edwards' luxuriant voice delivering Morcheeba's first hit, "Trigger Hippie," it's obvious that this is a Morcheeba show. Edward's voice and Godfrey's guitar both curl around the melody and beat, at once familiar yet exotic, smooth yet energetic. This duality continued throughout the night, with the band able to move from down tempo dreams to upbeat dance numbers. Skye Edwards The band opened with a song from the Morcheeba catalog, and ended with one, but in between covered a lot of ground including songs from the new album, dubbed simply Skye & Ross, some well-chosen covers, and more Morcheeba. This being 2016, the band covered David Bowie with a lively version of "Let's Dance." And the final encore, the anthemic "Rome," opened with "God Bless the Child." A standout that has to be mentioned from the Morcheeba catalog, "Blood Like