Power Trip Unleashes Politically-Charged Mayhem at Great American Music Hall
Power Trip Great American Music Hall May 31, 2018 The politically-charged amalgamation of metal, punk, and hardcore — better known as Power Trip — recently brought their anarchic energy to Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Fans thrust themselves into the stage, devouring vocalist Riley Gale, and taking part in the raw, aggressive experience unfolding before them. The floor opened up. People circled the pit, hardcore danced, headbanged, moshed, stood on the outskirts, threw their fists in the air, and sang along. Shirtless, sweaty men slid off each other's backs while girls pushed and shoved their way through the chaos. A tall, thin man stood center-pit, grabbed his long, frizzy curls, and yanked his head into his knees. Dozens of fists and legs swirled around him. He remained unscathed. Just like its lyrics and sound, it seems violent to an outsider. But underneath, it's about resisting, expressing yourself, and taking care of each other. Power Trip advocates for the underdog