Nazi Trumps Fuck Off – Dead Kennedys Send a Message at The UC Theatre
Dead Kennedys UC Theater Berkeley December 9, 2018 Photos by Raymond Ahner. The DEAD KENNEDYS (DK) showed up at the UC Theater loaded for bear to celebrate forty years of fucking things up. Taking aim at the usual suspects (politics, religion, and society), DK headlined a lineup that was a history lesson of raising a middle finger at the establishment, using punk rock as the platform to do so. Never mind that this was not the version of DK that put San Francisco on the punk rock map in 1978 with incendiary performances throughout the bay area underground (including some legendary shows at The Mab), this was a throwback no-holds barred rock and roll show brimming with high energy and high volume. Playing to a sold-out room, the current incarnation of DK - East Bay Ray (guitar), Klaus Flouride (bass), D.H. Peligro (drums) and Skip Greer (vocals) – got the party started with 90 seconds of angst and aggression in the form of 'Forward to Death.' The floor immediately became an out of