Meshuggah Crush the Fillmore
Meshuggah Fillmore Auditorium January 29, 2018 All photos by Raymond Ahner. Known in the metal underground as one of the most devastating and abrasive live bands, Meshuggah brought their pummeling grooves to the Fillmore on a Sunday night. The sold-out crowd eagerly waited in anticipation before the group strode onto the stage to rip through the first song of their latest Grammy-nominated release, The Violent Sleep of Reason, in the form of the blistering "Clockworks." Riding a wave of heavily distorted guitar riffs from the rampaging tag team of Mårten Hagström and Per Nilsson the song mixed in warp speed runs and limber breakdowns. With plenty of fog blanketing the stage and a wall of strobe lights pulsating to each song, the sheer power of the performance was truly something to behold. Utilizing the latest in guitar modeling technology, Meshuggah's live sound was massive: enveloping the audience and pounding them into submission. Meshuggah is one of the few bands to utilized